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Committed to giving beauty professionals nothing but the best education, training and products available on the market along with the most advanced techniques for in-house studio services.

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Med Spa Red Deer

Med Spa Red Deer

Medspa services include a wide range of services that you can attain as an enhancement to your beauty and a more revitalized approach.

At innovation, dermatology being the most reputable Laser and skincare Medspa has committed staff that provides incredible treatment in a friendly cooperative environment. So if you’re looking to achieve services for a Medspa in Red Deer, come to us and have a relaxing time. A place where you can get a personal approach and fabulous experience.

Our Medspa Services:

1) Acne Treatment:

The problem of the acne itself is very upsetting, frustrating, and shakes your self-esteem. If you’re tired of using a different product for treating acne, if you’re having painful acne, if you’re noticing discoloration when an acne bump leaves your skin, you can reach us for the best Red Deer Medspa. We provide effective tailored acne treatment which includes the following services treatments :

  • Blackhead Extraction.
  • Chemical Peels.
  • Microdermabrasion Therapy.
  • Hydrafacial Treatment.
  • Laser Rejuvenation & Rf Procedures.
  • Microneedling Therapy.
  • Prescription Medications.
  • Medical Grade Skin Care Products.

2) Skin Cancer Surgery:

At our center, we use Mohs surgery which is also known as Mohs micrographic surgery. This surgery uses the precise surgical technique by removing a thin layer of skin that is containing cancerous skin. This technique is used to treat many kinds of skin cancer and our experts are well qualified and experienced to perform their job. We offer a constructive and positive treatment for cancer.

3) Skin Tag Removal:

Skin tags (acrochordons) are tiny and harmless skin growth that commonly appears and is half an inch in size. They can be of a darker color than skin and sometimes can be of the same skin tone. Common places where they grow include eyelids, groin, neck, breast, stomach, and armpits. They are painless and harmless, yet people stress about it and prefer to seek treatment. Treating skin tags under the best red deer dermatologist you can get incredible results with zero downtime and can be done within half an hour.

4) Cyst Removal:

Cysts are small sacs that develop in the skin at any part of the body. These sacs are occupied with air, fluid, or other substances. The cyst can cause discomfort and can be painful. Being reputable medspas in Red Deer we approach a minor skin process for cyst removal in which the entire lining is discarded so that it doesn’t have to reoccur again. With us at our non-hospital surgical facility, you can get the best treatment for cyst removal in Red Deer Alberta Medspa.

5) Mole Removal:

Melanocytes are pigment cells that make mole. A mole is also known as nevus is a typical innocuous skin development. Some factors such as gene and total sun exposure can determine the number of moles you create. Some moles can also become a reason for skin cancer while others are innocuous. Mole removal at our center is a quick process that doesn’t cause discomfort with rapid recovery time.

6) Wart Removal: This last medspa service includes many treatments

for wart removal. When viruses and injuries interfere with the skin, they give rise to the growth wart. Warts mostly appear on skin that has a cut or scratch on it giving a way for viruses to penetrate the body and cause infection. We offer various choices comprising cryosurgery, medical and laser treatments.

Medspa services can benefit in numerous ways if you receive treatment from experts in the field. For professional, effective treatment at affordable pricing, you need to turn to none other than innovation dermatology. For expert skincare that you can trust contact innovation dermatology at 587-273-4773

Med Spa Red Deer