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Pet Clinic Red Oak

Pet Clinic Red Oak

Every domestic and exotic pet should be seen by a family vet at certain intervals in their life. Puppies and kittens require specialized nutrition, wellness visits, vaccinations, and proper care to grow up to become healthy, happy members of your family. As pets grow, their owners need expert advice to maintain health; even adult pets require care from a vet to keep shots up to date and treat illness and injuries. Choose Animal Hospital of Ovilla for the best pet care in your community. We treat pets like they’re part of our family, just like you do.

3 Key Services Provided By Our Pet Clinic in Red Oak

1. You might think it unusual for a pet clinic to offer grooming services, but when you think about it, who can better groom your pet and look for illness and disease than the staff at a pet clinic? Having an on-site pet grooming facility affords our team numerous advantages; during your pet’s grooming session, we’ll be on the lookout for skin conditions, pain, and health issues your pet may be dealing with.

We think every pet deserves quality, loving care that can only be provided by a pet clinic in Red Oaks with the right credentials. Before you choose an animal hospital for emergency treatment or ongoing pet care, be sure to compare services, customer reviews, and testimonials.

2. If your pet has been in an accident, is feeling sick, or is in need of diagnostic treatment, you’ve come to the right place. Animal Hospital of Ovilla uses both in-house and outside referral labs to diagnose illness and injury. The equipment we’ve invested in gives our vets the tools they need to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis when your pet’s health is at risk.

Our facility also includes a dentistry suite and a surgery suite; we use a safe and effective pet anesthesia to keep your beloved pet comfortable throughout necessary procedures. Feel free to get in touch with our staff if you have any questions about pet surgery.

3. Due to Covid, many animal hospitals are operating on fewer hours, making it challenging to find pet care when it’s needed. Our pet clinic in Red Oak is open Monday – Friday, from 7am – 6:30pm. When our doors are closed, our pet experts are available to offer advice and help with medical conditions.

Knowing that our caring pet experts are just around the corner can give you peace of mind that your pet is in the best possible hands during unexpected emergencies and throughout their life. Choosing a reputable pet clinic in Red Oak is important for experiencing positive vet visits. Know that you and your pet are just like family to our staff at Animal Hospital of Ovilla.

Pet Clinic Red Oak

Animal Hospital of Ovilla

3357 Ovilla Rd

Ovilla TX 75154 US

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