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Committed to giving beauty professionals nothing but the best education, training and products available on the market along with the most advanced techniques for in-house studio services.

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BellaMi Academie

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New Academie with a Modern vision

BellaMi Academie is a vision that came to life by two professional and dedicated partners with years of industry experience in the beauty industry. With a passion to help inspiring students learn all the key fundamentals of how to perfect their craft, BellaMi Academie is the premier training program to launch your permanent makeup career.

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Laura Reina

Brow + Lash Master

Luda Conti

Business Guru
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permanent makeup 101

Permanent Makeup

Stop struggling with the extra time and effort required to apply and reapply your makeup each day… Plus, get that look you really desire, performed by a trained professional. Traditional permanent makeup (also known as PMU, or permanent cosmetics), is done by a machine, and is completely safe. It is most often applied to the eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. Do you desire to get rid of a tattoo or some old permanent makeup? It is possible! We use the best and the safest method for removal of poor quality permanent makeup (PMU) or tattoos.

what is
Microblading 101

What is Microblading?

Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery or 3D brows just to name a few, is a relatively new manual method for enhancing eyebrows. It is considered to be permanent makeup, as compared to the traditional hair stroke technique done by machine. It is done using a series of tattoo needles that deposit pigment into the epidermis. This technique is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows, plucked too much, losing natural brow hairs, patchy, or even spends too much time on filling in their brows everyday. The results are natural looking hair-like strokes that create density and fullness.

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Not sure what microblading or permanent makeup is all about? Click any link below for more details and background on all of these services. Have more questions….visit our FAQ page!

They said


I had the most beautiful eyebrows and overnight it seemed like they were gone. I was devastated. I went and had eyebrow restoration done. I waited a year and the results were horrible. Nothing grew!! I was extremely devastated once again! I then decided to get microblading done. I made an appointment with Laura and could not be happier!!! I finally can sweet, swim and shower and not have to worry about my eyebrows falling off. I love my new eyebrows and I get a lot of compliments on them . I would recommend Laura to anyone. It has made a big difference in my life
Lisa Waldrop Ruane


Laura is the BEST!! Completely on point, an eye for perfect detail. She took her time to ensure that the finished look is perfection. Super professional and amazing at her craft!!
Lisa Shamis


Laura is incredible. I can’t believe how natural my brows look. Laura explained everything in detail and made sure I understood the healing process and what to expect. She was meticulous and really took the time out to ensure they would be perfect. I couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to see the final product!
Jennifer Burlin Chludzinski


Laura Longo Reina is simply a master at her artistry.. she took my eyebrows to perfection.. ladies if you have barely brows or a full brow like me, I HIGHLY recommend Laura.. she is professional and highly skilled. I felt like my eyebrows were as important to her as they were to me!
Meredith Ilyse


Laura is the best of the BEST! A brilliant artist with a keen eye for detail, not only did she take the time to give me the look I was hoping to achieve, but went above and beyond with her expertise – which resulted in a finished look that was even better than what I had hoped for!
Inna Shamis Lapin


Laura is amazing at her craft! She is very detail-oriented, and takes the time and energy to make sure that your end result is absolutely flawless. Brows on fleek!
Amy Stutzke
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