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Committed to giving beauty professionals nothing but the best education, training and products available on the market along with the most advanced techniques for in-house studio services.

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Laura Reina

About Laura


Laura Reina

My passion for the
beauty industry began in 1984.

Wanting to stay at home with my two daughters I knew becoming a Manicurist was the way to go. I could make my own hours and still be a mom and wife. I quickly realized I had the knack for educating others and became a Trainer for Backscratchers Fiberglass Nail Wraps. My first training position at the age of 23 was educating students in vocational school! I knew immediately that training was going to be my main goal in life. Over the next several years, and many training courses later, I decided to open my own nail salon, Not Just Nailz. Finding experienced artists is not as easy as I thought it was going to be! Two years later I closed my doors and decided to pursue another passion, horseback riding. I was in love, but I’m sure you know where that landed me right? YES, I quickly was training children how to ride! Yet again another educating position.

Seven years later I found myself back in the beauty business and once again owning my own company. It seems as though the beauty industry has always drawn me in no matter what industry I was in. But what to do now? Lash extensions! Yup, I love conducting the service just as much as I love teaching someone how to apply them. But I still found myself looking for something else. So I took a course in permanent make-up in January of 2008, but as you know poor education can completely change the way you feel about what you think you want to do. It wasn’t until I took a microblading course in January of 2016 that I knew I had found my niche. In May of 2016, I took another course by PhiBrows and realized this was the end of my search.

since 1984

My Story

My prior training in PhiBrows has completely changed the way I feel about going to work in both the Studio conducting services and in the classroom training students. I absolutely love making a woman, or man, feel more confident about themselves or just simplifying their daily makeup routine which all of us just hate. I look forward to educating my students and helping them feel confident about their careers in Microblading and Permanent Make-Up. An educator needs to know how to communicate the same technique in many different ways. Not everyone learns the same way. Some are visual, some are book learners and some just need to hear it more than once. PhiBrows allows you to keep learning through our Craft Master application which is one of the reasons I pursued a training position with their company. Becoming a PhiBrows Master was just a dream come true and I cant wait to see what the future holds with this ever-growing company.